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    • Boss Boss VB2W Vibrato Waza Craft Special Edition
    • Boss VB2W Vibrato Waza Craft Special Edition

      Using all-analog circuitry, the VB-2W authentically reproduces the true pitch-shifted vibrato of the original pedal, and also adds an innovative new vibrato mode and real-time control function for enhanced expression.

    • Wampler Wampler Latitude Deluxe Tremolo
    • Wampler Latitude Deluxe Tremolo

      A full featured tremolo with a beautiful core tone, and the control to give you exactly what you need night after night.

      $239.99 This may be in stock for quick delivery; please call!
    • Keeley Keeley Dynatrem Dynamic Tremelo
    • Keeley Dynatrem Dynamic Tremelo

      The DynaTrem Dynamic Tremolo by Keeley Engineering is an all new type of tremolo that is dynamic and responsive to your playing.

    • Wampler Wampler 3600 Latitude Standard Tremolo
    • Wampler 3600 Latitude Standard Tremolo

      Simply designed to keep your tone perfectly balanced within a beautiful and full tremolo.

    • Boss Boss TR2 Tremolo
    • Boss TR2 Tremolo

      The BOSS TR-2 Tremolo is designed to provide guitarists with classic tremolo effects in an easy-to-use compact pedal. Dedicated "Wave," "Rate," and "Depth" knobs provide a multitude of effect possibilities.


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