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    • Alan Abel Alan Abel Wagner/Mahler Triangle
    • Alan Abel Wagner/Mahler Triangle

      Why buy from Melody Music Shop, LLC?
      Located in Bloomington, Indiana, Melody Music Shop strives to maintain a diverse, high quality inventory along with exceptional customer service. We carry a wide range of instruments and accessories, including new and

    • Grover Pro Percussion Grover Pro Percussion 9'' Super-Overtone Triangle
    • Grover Pro Percussion 9'' Super-Overtone Triangle

      Our original product, Super-Overtone™ triangles sport a wide spectrum of overtones with a large dynamic range. Abundant acoustic energy is produced by these triangles, eliminating the need to overplay. Unlike ordinary chrome plating, our microscopic Kanig

    • LP LP One Handed Triangle
    • LP One Handed Triangle

      Designed in collaboration with LP Artist Doug Hinrichs, the One Handed Triangle can be played with one hand, allowing more complex rhythm patterns (including rolls) and open and muffled playing.

    • LP LP 5'' Triangle
    • LP 5'' Triangle

      LP Pro Triangles are designed with the working professional in mind. Expect crystal clear and consistent tone from its tempered steel construction.


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