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Cabasas, Guiros, Shakers
    • LP LP Mini Rawhide Maracas 1 Pair
    • LP Mini Rawhide Maracas 1 Pair

      LP’s Mini Rawhide Maracas are compact in size, easy and comfortable to play and sound great.

    • LP LP Professional Maracas
    • LP Professional Maracas

      LP Pro Maracas are the most imitated maracas in the world. They are sold in matched pairs: one high pitch and one low pitch which is a traditional feature in vintage maracas.

    • LP LP Super Guiro
    • LP Super Guiro

      LP designed the Super Guiro as a more durable substitute for the original natural gourd version, yet maintains the same sound, shape and feel.

    • LP LP Afuche/Cabasa Standard
    • LP Afuche/Cabasa Standard

      Invented over 40 years ago by founder Martin Cohen, the LP Afuche/Casaba has become one of the most essential percussion instruments in history.

    • LP LP Qube Shaker Live
    • LP Qube Shaker Live

      The innovative LP Qube Shaker’s unique design produces a multitude of effects, when played in multiple directions.

    • LP Latin Percussion LP305 Merengue Guiro
    • Latin Percussion LP305 Merengue Guiro

      LP LP Series Merengue Guiro Stainless Steel LP305
      Why buy from Melody Music Shop, LLC?

      Located in Bloomington, Indiana, Melody Music Shop strives to maintain a diverse, high quality inventory along with exceptional customer service. We carry a wide range

    • LP LP Twist Shaker Yellow - Soft
    • LP Twist Shaker Yellow - Soft

      LP’s Twist Shaker is a twin set of shakers that have a twisting lock mechanism that allows the player to play them as a set in one hand or one in each hand.


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