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Hi-Hat Clutches
    • DW DROPSHIP DW One Touch Clutch
    • DW One Touch Clutch

      The One-Touch Clutch™. Adjusting hi-hat tension has never been so easy. Simply turn the contoured aluminum knob to incrementally lock the hi-hats into place.

    • DW DROPSHIP DW Incremental Clutch
    • DW Incremental Clutch

      The Incremental Clutch allows quick adjustment of fixed hi-hats with the flick of a lever.

    • DW DROPSHIP DW Drop Loc Hi-Hat Clutch - Smart Pack
    • DW Drop Loc Hi-Hat Clutch - Smart Pack

      Drop-Lock Hi-Hat Clutch. Used for double bass drum or double pedal players. The Drop Lock Clutch when released, will keep your high hats in a closed position.


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