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DW Drum Workshop Collector's Series Candy Regal Blue Fade Quilted Moabi w Gold

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DW Collectors Series; Exotic Natural to Candy Regal Fade over Quilted Moabi with Gold hardware. 8x10 (VLT), 9x12 (VLT), 12x14 (X), 14x16 (VLX) and 18x22 (VLX+). These are made of SSC Pure Maple Shells which gives a nice low-end that controls the overtones found in standard maple shells.

It is highly probable this set will make you sound better than you really are; it can also help you achieve levels of musicality you weren't capable of to begin with (kind of like the movie Limitless but with way more musical stuff involved).  We have also taken polls from various age groups and noticed an increased likeliness that you'll be able to successfully get the attention of your high-school crush with these drums.

This particular set was meticulously planned from its inception to be nothing less than extraordinary as John personally traveled the MCU in search of materials.  It is rumored by employees of DW (who Face-timed us in dark rooms using robot voice-box modifiers) the wood came from the remains of Groot (remember when he encased the other Guardians of the Galaxy to protect them sacrificing himself?) and the hardware was fashioned from leftover shards of Thor's hammer during its production.  The elements don't show up on the periodic table though so who knows

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