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Complete Tama Marching Band Drumline Snares, Tenors, Bass Drums & MORE! Set 2

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This COMPLETE line includes the following items:

M1412STSBK 12 x 14 Premium Marching Snare, Maple Shell - Black 4
M680234DTSBK Lrg. Sextet Tenors (6,8,10,12,13,14) - Maple Shell/Corps Depth - Black 2
M1814BTSBK 14 x 18 Premium Marching Bass Drum, Maple Shell - Black 1
M2214BTSBK 14 x 22 Premium Marching Bass Drum, Maple Shell - Black 1
M2614BTSBK 14 x 26 Premium Marching Bass Drum, Maple Shell - Black 1
M3016BTSBK 16 x 30 Premium Marching Bass Drum, Maple Shell - Black 1
CSASDT Silver Armor Snare Drum Carrier 4
CSATNT Silver Armor Tenor Drum Carrier 2
CSABDT Silver Armor Bass Drum Carrier 4
HMSD79WSN Marching Snare Drum Stand 4
HMTN79WSN Marching Tenor Drum Stand (not for Solo Tenor) 2
HMBD79WSN Marching Bass Drum Stand 4
CVS1412 Cover for 14 x 12 Marching Snare 4
CVTL Cover for Large Tenor Drums 2
CVB1820 Cover for a 18" & 20" Marching Bass Drum 1
CVB2224 Cover for a 22" & 24" Marching Bass Drum 1
CVB2628 Cover for a 26" & 28" Marching Bass Drum 1
CVB30 Cover for a 30" Marching Bass Drum 1
MBRG14 Marching Bass Drum Hoop Guard

 Lightly used battery percussion and accessories (snares/tenor sextet/bass - all maple shells)) for 5 months (1 season) by WGI Independent World Class INoV8 Winter Percussion.  Used indoors outdoor competitions.  In pristine condition with instrument stands, carriers and covers.  These instruments are offered in 3 configurations: 1 large drumline of 8 snares, 4 tenors, 8 bass OR in 2 separate configurations (2 drumlines) of 4 snares, 2 tenors, and 4 bass.  All drums are in Tama Satin Black Lacquer finish and are 100% ready for the use with ON2 Percussion slips.  Available after WGI Finals in Dayton, Ohio (April 13, 2019).  Customer is responsible for all shipping charges.  School PO's welcome.  Other configurations possible...please call.
Tama Marching offers modern-designed battery percussion instruments with innovations other manufacturer's do not offer such as:
Snares: High Position Strainer, Detachable Snare "Gut" Frame, Adjustable Buzz Killer Snare Mutes
Tenors: Detachable legs (for stability when placed on the ground), Adjustable frame for player comfort
Basses: Noiseless Carrier  Attachments, Locking Attachment to the Bass Stand
Carriers: made by Tama and are extremely durable/versitile
Stands: Safety-Lock mechanism and Center of Gravity concept provides stability and safety in the stadium stands and on grass, 360-degree movement while on stand


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