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Groove Tubes
    • Groove Tubes Groove Tubes GT-6L6-R MED DUET
    • Groove Tubes GT-6L6-R MED DUET

      A medium-output power tube (generally 20-25 watts) often used in Fender professional amplifiers including the Bassman, Bandmaster, Concert, Dual Showman, Hot Rod Series, Pro Series, Super Reverb, Tremolux, Twin, Vibrolux, Super-Sonic, Blues Deluxe, Blues

    • Groove Tubes Groove Tubes GT-12AT7 SELECT
    • Groove Tubes GT-12AT7 SELECT

      Durable phase splitter or driver tube. Excellent in vibrato or reverb circuits where consistent, high output power is desired.

    • Groove Tubes Groove Tubes GT-12AX7-C SELECT
    • Groove Tubes GT-12AX7-C SELECT

      Great chiming tone with sweet, warm midrange excellent for Fender amps. Smooth distortion characteristics and one of the highest-output preamp tubes in the GT 12AX7 line, with very consistent quality.

    • Groove Tubes GT-5AR4 Rectifier Tube
    • GT-5AR4 Rectifier Tube

      Our highest-output rectifier tube. Originally used in early higher-powered Fender amps (40 watts or more) with tube rectifiers.


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