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Vox Joe Satriani Satchurator Distortion Pedal

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Vox Satchurator


Drawing on Joe Satriani’s knowledge accumulated from decades of groundbreaking performances, both live and in the studio, Voxunveils a breakthrough in guitar tone – The Satchurator distortion pedal. Designed to Satriani’s exact specifications, the Satchurator produces Satriani’s signature tone and adds new features and improvements never before combined in a distortion pedal.

In 2008, after almost a year of painstaking experimentation and road testing, Satriani and the Vox R&D team discovered the secrets to capturing the ultimate distortion tone in a modern-day pedal. The Satchurator is capable of very high gain levels, but operates more quietly and musically than other modern distortion pedals.

It also preserves the tone and pick-attack of the guitarist plugging into it with the “Input Clipping” system, regardless of style, from subtly distorted blues tones through classic rock and shred. The result is a professional-quality pedal that recaptures sought-after vintage and modern sounds in a powerfulversatile and extremely musical pedal design.

From smoky blues to screaming leads, the Satchurator delivers rich analog distortion, with all of its creamy warmth. Gain, Tone and Volume knobs let you dial in your signature sound quickly. The dynamic circuitry preserves the essence of your sound, even as you turn down the volume of the guitar feeding into it. A pad switch has been thoughtfully added, allowing you to use the Satchurator with other hi-gain pedals – without adding noise or clipping artifacts. But there’s more, literally. When you need it most, stomp down on the More switch and take your tone over the top.


The More switch


This switch was a request of Joe for the Satchurator and adds a huge amount of tonal flexibility to this pedal that most traditional distortion pedals do not have, and essentially makes this a two-in-one pedal. At high gain settings, More provides a subtle boost in gain and midrange that is just enough to push your leads to the top of the mix, without adding unwanted distortion, clipping or noise. At lower-to moderate gain settings, the More switch will boost the gain significantly, allowing for dual-sound setups. Try setting the gain control at 2 o’clock and using the More switch to boost your tone to the equivalent of the pedal’s “10” gain setting. That’s two totally different and dynamic sounds in one pedal!


Chicken Head Knobs


There were a lot of practical reasons Joe chose these knobs over something more modern looking. For one, they just look cool! But the controls of the Satchurator are so sensitive and the range of sounds so broad, that Joe and the Vox team found that very small changes in knob settings yielded very cool sounds. So, we decided it was essential to give you the most precision possible in exploring and documenting your own favorite sound settings. The chicken head knobs with pointers were the best way to go. Joe chose cream, so you can see them in dark places, like on stage or in your basement.


Joe’s pedals play nice with others!


Once we got the basic sound of the pedal nailed, Joe threw a curve ball at us. He rightly insisted that we ensure that the Satchuratorperform flawlessly, and without the distortion and overloading of other distortion pedals when running them with wah pedals or other stomp boxes. The Satchurator retains its tone in any chaining configuration.


The Satchurator is the most musical, most dynamic, multi-function distortion pedal I’ve ever played through” says Satriani. “This little red box is a monster tone generator. Following my specifications without compromise, and adding design innovations I never thought possible, the Vox team has delivered exactly what I need for the stage and studio—a distortion pedal that responds to my touch, and produces a big, natural, harmonically rich tone compatible with any guitar/pedal/amp configuration.” Joe Satriani.



  • Analog distortion pedal designed under the complete supervision of Joe Satriani
  • Controls for Gain, Tone and Volume
  • MORE gain boost switch enables two footswitchable distortion sounds in one pedal. This gain boost is dramatic when gain knob is set low, and is a subtle solo boost when gain knob is set to maximum.
  • ‘Pad’ switch pads down input to allow for high gain pedals (such as modern wahs) placed before Satchurator. Up is pad ‘ON’. Down is pad ‘OFF’ for full Satchurator effect.
  • High gain, low noise design provides vintage to modern distortion sounds
  • Dynamic circuit is highly responsive to rolling off the guitar’s volume and preserves the guitar’s high end when the volume is rolled off.


  • Controls: Gain, Tone, Volume, On/Off Switch, MORE Switch, Pad Switch
  • In/Outputs: 1/4″ Input, 1/4″ Output, AC power input (9V)
  • Input Impedance: 470kΩ
  • Output Impedance: 10kΩ
  • Power Supply: 9V alkaline battery or AC adapter (sold separately)
  • Current Consumption: 20mA
  • Dimensions: 143(W) x 121(D) x 57.5(H)mm/5.63″ (W) x 4.76″(D) x 14.61″(H)
  • Weight: 600g (excluding batteries)/1.32 lbs.
  • Included Items: 9V alkaline battery
  • Power: One 9V Battery (included) or AC adapter (not included)


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