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Guitar Repair

Melody Music Shop does repairs on band and orchestral instruments, guitars, drums, and pianos.  Bring your instrument in for a FREE estimate and a super quick turn-around time!  Our technicians are licensed, certified, and have a century of experience between them all! 

Did we mention WE ARE AFFORDABLE?  We can also provide a loaner as your repair takes place.  Please feel free to come by during business hours for our expert opinion!


Re-string (Labor only) $15
The "Player's" setup: truss rod, saddle, nut, and intonation are inspected/set for nominal playing condition; includes cleaning/re-string (labor only) $45
Upcharge for floating trem. or 12-string "Player's" setup $10
Strap button installation (labor only) $8
Pickup installation (labor only)
Free estimate - Priced by the job
*FREE when you purchase the pickup from us!
Wiring/custom wiring (labor only) Free estimate - Priced by the job
Generic nut replacement (labor only) $20
Generic saddle replacement (labor only) $20
Custom/bone nut replacement (labor only) $45
Custom/bone saddle replacement (labor only) $45
Direct swap tuner replacement (labor only) $30
Custom tuner replacement (labor only) $60
Acoustic guitar bridge repair (labor only) Free estimate - Priced by the job
Custom repair/finish/paint (labor only) Free estimate - Priced by the job
Fret dress $60
Deluxe "mirror" fret dress $90
Fret replacement (labor only) Free estimate - Priced by the job
Hardware & cosmetic customization / structural repair (includes headstock, bracing, bridge pull and crack repair / bridge replacement)
Free estimate - Priced by the job


Violin/Viola re-string (labor only, tuning pegs are evaluated/adjusted for optimal tuning stability) $20
Instrument cleaning/polish $20
Cello re-string (labor only, tuning pegs are evaluated/adjusted for aptimal tuning stability) $30
Fine tuner installation (labor only) $15
Violin/Viola custom bridge replacement (labor only) $30
Cello/bass custom bridge replacement (labor only) $50
Cello end pin repair (labor only) $50
Custom nut installation (labor only) $40
Reset sound post (labor only) $20
Tailpiece installation/adjustment (labor only) $20
Chin rest installation (labor only) $10
Custom peg installation (labor only) $80
Seam repair (per clamp) $30
Setup for nominal playing condition (labor only) $40


Sound System Installation

Sound installation/calibration

$75 per hour



Band Instrument Repair

*Due to the many variables with band instruments, please bring your instrument by for a FREE ESTIMATE


*Please call


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