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    • MXR Dunlop M117R MXR Flanger
    • Dunlop M117R MXR Flanger

      The MXR Flanger creates a variety of wild sounds from dynamic jet plane or cool space effects to short delay, chorus and vibrato.

    • Boss Boss BF3 Stereo Flanger
    • Boss BF3 Stereo Flanger

      Building on the 20-year legacy of the famous BOSS BF-2, the new BF-3 flanger pedal gives guitarists and bassists an updated version of the classic BOSS flanger with the thickest stereo flanging sounds ever.

    • MXR Dunlop EVH117 MXR Flanger
    • Dunlop EVH117 MXR Flanger

      Everyone knows that it was the MXR Flanger that powered the timeless Van Halen tunes "Unchained" and "And The Cradle Will Rock". Now you can grab a piece of that world-class tone with the MXR EVH117 Flanger.

    • MXR Dunlop M152 MXR Micro Flanger
    • Dunlop M152 MXR Micro Flanger

      Based on the benchmark sounds of the MXR M117 Flanger, the MXR Micro Flanger features many of the same flanging effects of its big brother, but in a smaller and more convenient size.


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