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  • Brand: Fender
Distortion, Overdrive, Boost & Fuzz
    • Fender Fender The Pelt Fuzz Pedal
    • Fender The Pelt Fuzz Pedal

      A good fuzz pedal is indispensable—this gloriously splatty, satisfying sound has been the cornerstone of rock tone for decades. An all-original design, The Pelt Fuzz has a few tricks hidden up its sleeve. All the familiar controls are

    • Fender Malmsteen Overdrive Pedal, Red
    • Malmsteen Overdrive Pedal, Red

      The Yngwie Malmsteen Overdrive Pedal unleashes the pure and powerful heavy tone of the neoclassical shred master. This high-quality, compact and rugged stage-worthy pedal with special tone-shaping circuitry was designed in close collaboration with Malmste

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