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    • LP LP Cajon Throne
    • LP Cajon Throne

      Padded cajon seat for added player comfort during extended play.

    • LP LP Cajon Brushes
    • LP Cajon Brushes

      ​Multi-purpose brushes that are ideal for Cajon playing.

    • LP LP Mini Everything Rack
    • LP Mini Everything Rack

      The LP Mini Everything Rack is a compact percussion rack with two mounting locations. It’s an excellent way to add percussion instruments to any drum kit or mount within reach of vocalists or other musicians.

    • LP LP Mount All Bracket w/ Angled Rod
    • LP Mount All Bracket w/ Angled Rod

      The LP Mount-All Percussion Bracket includes an angled rod for any 3/8” diamter mountable percussion.

    • TAMA Tama LCB Cowbell L-Rod
    • Tama LCB Cowbell L-Rod

      L- rod for mounting different hand percussion instruments and accessories.

    • LP LP Universal Agogo Mount Bracket
    • LP Universal Agogo Mount Bracket

      Securely mounts LP Vibra-Slapª to any percussion set up that uses 3/8” diameter rod.

    • LP LP Claw With Perc Rod
    • LP Claw With Perc Rod

      Holds most mountable percussion instruments, including LP Cowbells, LP Cyclops Tambourines, or LP Jam Blocks on drum kits, marching drums, or percussion set-ups.


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