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    • LP LP Small Cajon Castanet
    • LP Small Cajon Castanet

      LP Cajon Castanets add a solid crack to a cajon’s sound, and easily attaches to the side of any cajon.

    • TAMA Tama LCB Cowbell L-Rod
    • Tama LCB Cowbell L-Rod

      L- rod for mounting different hand percussion instruments and accessories.

    • LP LP Universal Agogo Mount Bracket
    • LP Universal Agogo Mount Bracket

      Securely mounts LP Vibra-Slapª to any percussion set up that uses 3/8” diameter rod.

    • LP LP Vibraslap Mount
    • LP Vibraslap Mount

      Easily attaches to all LP Vibra-Slap models. Newly re-designed mount. Allows musician to use hand or stick to play. Fits 3/8” diameter rods. Patent Pending.

    • DW DW Cajonport, Black
    • DW Cajonport, Black

      The CajonPort delivers more depth, presence and precision, adding incredible enhanced low-end while simultaneously creating greater distinction between the Cajon's bass and snare sounds.

      $44.99 This may be in stock for quick delivery; please call!
    • LP LP Duro Cowbell Beater
    • LP Duro Cowbell Beater

      Cowbell beater made from a specially-formulated synthetic material that is virtually unbreakable.


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