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  • Brand: Boss
    • Boss Boss ST2 Power Stack
    • Boss ST2 Power Stack

      From fat crunch to ultra high-gain distortion, the ST-2 Power Stack delivers famous BOSS distortion with a stunning amount of power that’s akin to coveted tube amps and professional amp stacks.

    • Boss Boss AW3 Dymamic Wah
    • Boss AW3 Dymamic Wah

      The BOSS AW-3 Dynamic Wah pedal gives guitarists a wide range of classic auto-wah and dynamic wah effects, plus a new "Humanizer" effect which can simulate human vowel sounds.

    • Boss Boss CS3 Compressor Sustainer
    • Boss CS3 Compressor Sustainer

      The CS-3 Compression Sustainer pedal compresses louder signals while boosting lower signals, providing smooth sustain without degrading the original sound quality. This is the perfect pedal for guitarists and bassists who want to sound their best.

    • Boss Boss RC-300 Loop Station
    • Boss RC-300 Loop Station

      With loop mania sweeping the globe, BOSS proudly announces the most powerful Loop Station ever brought to the market — the RC-300.

      $549.99 This may be in stock for quick delivery; please call!
    • Boss Boss TR2 Tremolo
    • Boss TR2 Tremolo

      The BOSS TR-2 Tremolo is designed to provide guitarists with classic tremolo effects in an easy-to-use compact pedal. Dedicated "Wave," "Rate," and "Depth" knobs provide a multitude of effect possibilities.

    • Boss Boss BF3 Stereo Flanger
    • Boss BF3 Stereo Flanger

      Building on the 20-year legacy of the famous BOSS BF-2, the new BF-3 flanger pedal gives guitarists and bassists an updated version of the classic BOSS flanger with the thickest stereo flanging sounds ever.

    • Boss Boss ME-80 Multi Effects
    • Boss ME-80 Multi Effects

      Mobile, battery powered, and filled with a diverse selection of flagship-quality BOSS amps and effects, the ME-80 is the ideal compact tone processor for performing guitarists.

    • Boss Boss DB30 Dr Beat Metronome
    • Boss DB30 Dr Beat Metronome

      It’s portable, reliable, and fun to use — the DB-30 helps musicians take their music to higher levels by offering a set of features that defies its diminutive size.

    • Boss Boss DS1 Distortion
    • Boss DS1 Distortion

      The classic DS-1 Distortion pedal provides a harder distortion effect for guitar and keyboard sounds. Instead of toneless, fuzzy distortion, the DS-1 faithfully reproduces all the subtle nuances of playing dynamics--at any volume.

    • Boss Boss CE2W Chorus Waza Craft Special Edition
    • Boss CE2W Chorus Waza Craft Special Edition

      In 2016, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of BOSS innovation, the original analog chorus sounds are now reborn with the Waza Craft CE-2W.


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